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You can send any Ethereum-based token to any Ethereum ITO to become a producer for it.  An ITO could have the tokens of one, a hundred, or even thousands of different cryptos within it, all being distributed to buyers every work block. Your job as a producer is to add value to the ITO, for which you can be rewarded with share of the ETH in the producer pool.

To create your own personal cryptocurrency tokens to add as a 'job' to any ITO, click here.


Login to your MyEtherWallet (MEW) account

If you're producing for a Fantom-based ITO, click here


Click on the 'Contract' drop-down, then 'Interact with Contract'.

Next, enter the contract address for the external token you want to add to the ITO.

To find out the contract address for the tokens you want to send...

Note: If you want to add the tokens of another ITO, enter its token address.


Then, paste some code into the 'ABI/JSON Interface' box. You can find that code on the Ethereum Github, or in the toggle box below. 

Copy the following code and paste it into the ABI box.

After you've pasted it, click the 'Continue' button


In the 'Select an Item' drop-down, chose 'approve'.


New input boxes will appear. Enter the ITO's contract address.

(Note: An ITO has 2 addresses. The token address is what you used to add a custom token to MEW. It is not the same as the address you used to get the ITO's tokens, which is the contract address.)

Also enter the number of whole tokens you want to send plus 18 zeros. (No decimals, unless you convert it into the uint256 value.

Enter the 'uint256' value. If you want to send 100 tokens to the contract, for example, you'd enter 100000000000000000000. To easily and correctly convert a value just check out this page.


Click the 'Write' button and confirm the transaction. If you receive an error, increase the gas limit manually to 300,000 (with whatever gas price you'd like).

If you are using MyCrypto for this and getting errors.. see here


Once you have verified that transaction is successful from Etherscan, the next step is to actually send the tokens to the ITO. This is done by interacting with the ITO contract itself. Repeat step 2, above, but this time enter the ITO contract address (what you used to get tokens).

Paste the ABI code for standard ITOs, which can be found on the Workchain Github or copy and paste the text more easily from here.


In the 'Select an Item' drop-down search for the 'sendExternalTokens' function (6th from the bottom). Also fill out the other fields, as noted below.


Click 'Write' and confirm the transaction. If you receive an error, increase the gas limit manually to 300,000.

That's it! You're done. Your tokens should now be in the ITO contract and will be distributed according to the number of distribution periods in the ITO. Your tokens will begin distribution at the end of the following work block.

At the end of each work block, the 'disributionSnapshot' function must be called by 1 ITO participant before rewards can be distributed or new job validations can occur. This does not need to be called by everyone. Please refer to the 'Calling Functions in an ITO Contract' page. This only needs to be done once after the end of each work block, and anyone can do it. There is no deadline for calling blocks, however. If this call is missed for 5 blocks, for example, the function just needs to be called 5 times in a row. (But note that producers will need to sign for distributions before the end of the following block.)

Before you receive your producer reward distribution, you need to approve of the work performed by the workchain. This is done by adding the first digit of your wallet address and the number of the day of the month. You then turn this into an ETH decimal value by adding seven zeros in front of this number.

If your local date is November 5, for example ("5"), and the first digit of my wallet address is "2" then I will send 0.00000007 ETH to the contract address to sign for my distribution. (There is no need to worry about timezones.)

As a producer, you must claim your reward before the end of the following work block. Otherwise, your reward will revert back to the pool and you must get re-validated for the next block.




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