Creating Your Own ITO

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Creating your own ITO takes about 5-15 minutes. Instructions below.


Go to the Workchain Github and copy the code in flattened.sol, then paste to notepad.


Search for 'TTW' and change the following parameters to your own

string public constant name = "Town Token";

string public constant symbol = "TTW";

uint8 public constant decimals = 18;


Save the file as flattened.sol (or something with an *.sol extension) and open up in a browser that is connected with Metamask.


Under Environments click on the Solidity box, then under File click 'Open File' and select the flattened.sol file you just saved.


Click the black button


Then, select the Deploy & Run Transactions icon on the left [1]

On the resulting page, select 'Injected Web3' [2]; 100000000 for gas [3]; and 'TownToken' in the drop-down [4]

Then, click the Deploy button [5] Give it a moment.


You will then be asked to confirm the transaction. Do so, and await confirmation.


Once the transaction is confirmed, your new contract will be displayed.

In the drop-down [1] select 'Town' then click the drop-down icon on the same line as the 'Deploy' button [2]


Here is where we will enter the settings for the ITO.

uint256 distributionPeriod

How many days is a work block? For 7 days, enter "7"

uint256 distributionPeriodsNumber

How many distribution periods will there be for newly-added tokens? For 52 periods, enter "52"

uint256 startRate

What is the ITO's genesis value? This value is measured in wei. [See here for a converter.] If it is starting with a genesis value of 0.002 ETH then you would enter "2000000000000000" here

uint256 minTokenBuyAmount

What is the minimum amount that a single address could obtain in each of the first few transactions? Enter the value + 18 zeros. For a minimum of 500, enter "500000000000000000000"

uint256 durationOfMinTokenBuyAmount

For how many transactions do you want this minimum requirement to last? For the minimum to apply to the first 50 transactions, enter "50"

uint256 maxTokenBuyAmount

What is the maximum number of tokens that someone could obtain in a single transaction? Enter the value + 18 zeros. For a minimum of 5000, enter "5000000000000000000000"

uint256 minExternalTokensAmount

What is the minimum number of external token that a producer could add to the ITO? Enter the value + 18 zeros. 

address tokenAddress

Copy the token contract address in the box below by clicking the copy icon, then paste it into this field.


Then, click the 'transact' button, give it a moment,

and confirm the transaction through Metamask.


When the transaction is complete, you'll see your new contract displayed under the first one..


Next, we go back to the first and select the drop-down

and select the drop-down of the orange 'Init' button the shows up


You'll see two fields. The first is for how many tokens you want for the total ITO supply. Enter this number plus 18 zeros. For 21M, enter "21000000000000000000000000"

Next, scroll down and copy the address of the other contract and paste it into the townContract field. Then, click the orange 'transact' button.. Give it a moment.


After confirming the transaction on Metamask, the ITO should be ready.

Send value to the Town address, while adding the Town Token address as a custom token in your MyEtherWallet.

Problems? Increase the gas limit to 400000.

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Check the Workchain subreddit at r/workchains for new ITOs and other info!